Node: Will you go out on a date with me ?

JavaScript: Where?

Node: Outside the browser.

JavaScript and Node lived together happily ever after.

*** After marriage ***

Node: What is wrong with you? Why don’t you let me EXPRESS my feeling?

JavaScript: Stop overREACTing.

Node: You never want to understand my point of Vue.

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    Insert a laugh track at the end of the joke
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    @kamen This joke is still incomplete. I couldnt find a better ending
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    Why did you post it then
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    Subscribe to find out what happens NEXT..
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    Don’t svelte on each other
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    @AleCx04 it doesn't stop bruh
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    @Stuxnet it certainly looks like we are to get more and more patients.

    To the OP, I offer special counseling for people that cannot distinguish between cringe and non-cringe things, such as jokes, sayings, rants or just every day life activities.

    I know it might seem like you are on your own, but you are not, we can help you. There is still hope.
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    I guess I should have added a tag of lame joke as well, some people take these "jokes" seriously and I just dont know why..
    come on guys! these jokes are not meant to make you laugh...
    but to laugh at "how lame these jokes" are..
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    @ishank-dev jokes are supposed to be funny.

    This made me jealous of blind people bc they wouldn't have to read it lmao
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    @ishank-dev Now you’re just making stencils out of me. I can’t take care of laravel.
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    If this post gets 50 ++ I will delete it for sure XD.
    I am surprised how it managed to get 8 so far :"D
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    @Stuxnet a11y has gotten really good lately
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    Node: *looks through JavaScript’s text messages*

    Node: “Who the fuck is Deno?!?”
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