Someone as well relax playing unreal tournament 99 ?

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    I used to be real into ut2k3/2k4. I actually bought 2k3 when it came out with the intention of getting seriously into modding, but ended up mostly playing it instead.

    Been ages since I played nowadays. The latest UT was alright as well but once I stopped caring about trying to be "good" at games there's not a lot in there for me. Singleplayer/coop all the way.
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    Only at Retro LAN Parties.
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    I used to. I got tired of the new UT3 — it’s very watered down compared to 2k4. 2k3 felt better than 2k4, but didn’t have the content either. 99 was nice a long time ago; it feels kind of clunky now.

    I wouldn’t mind playing it again.
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    2k4 was objectively the apex.
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    2k4 masterrace, but I started on 99 so yeah, good times.
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