This is the worse captcha I had even seem

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    Looks more like a scam than a real captcha, can it actually see whether you select allow or deny?
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    Click alt+F4 if you're not a retard.
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    They're doing that so they can spam you with junk later. noob
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    Spam browser notifications for the win!

    Also, @alexbrooklyn , yes they can see the response through the notification api.

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    Unethical social engineering at its finest
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    That's not a Captcha, it's a Gotcha!
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    @alexbrooklyn I did try clicking, the notification box is fake, I use Firefox , the box is is for chrome ? Not sure. After giving on the Firefox permission it actually redirect to the actual site. BTW, the site asking for the permission is not the actual site. The "captcha" didn't appear when reloads. I remove the permission right after thought, so not sure if they going sent notifications. So it may be work as intended. But after all, it is probably scamming people don't know much about website permissions.
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    @electrineer alt f4 is bit too much, I will just ctrl w
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    @DannySu You’re right, it isn’t enough. The only appropriate response is sshing into the server and piping everything into shred.
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    But where is Allow? Is that text a link somehow?
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    @asgs Good observations. I didn't realise that.
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