The more I use LinkedIn the more I hate it. I know I shouldn't be a nosy fuck but sometimes I've got nothing better to do for a couple of minutes on my work OS and the tab's right there. Every time I open it up it reminds me of why I'm not on Facebook. My coworkers are probably the most benign people to follow, all they do is repost company videos and blogposts. Basically advertizing, whatever.

It's the other people who get to me, the ones who are advertizing themselves. The soapboxing, the 'look at all the cool shit im doing', the reposting shit from people who I have no clue about. It's literally a window into just the good parts of peoples lives, like any other shitty social media site, but put through the filter of corporate PR bullshit. At least you can be yourself somewhat anywhere else, everything on LinkedIn needs to conform to what's acceptable to the sterile corporate environment, which amounts to showing off your certs or marketable products and the most surface-level 'progressive' social politics.

Fuck LinkedIn and fuck my curious ass for opening it like a dumbass kid who doesn't understand why you shouldn't touch a hot stove.

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    Look at me ma, I made my first angery rant
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    How life changed from avoiding friends on Facebook to avoiding co-workers on LinkedIn.
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    View my verified achievement from Microsoft.
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    I set up a linkedin profile about 10 years ago, haven’t touched the bastard since. I do use facebook though to keep in touch with mates and general bollox, but sick of the constant advertising intrusion.
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    I hate LinkedIn as well but know tons of people who work there. Including two former bosses.

    Never said I think it’s a pile of unauthentic shit.
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    LinkedIn used to be a professional network, but humans is the problem
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    Literally all I do on LinkedIn is repost company bs every once in a while for the sole purpose of looking Dedicated and Committed To The Company Vision ™
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