Drinking game: Take a shot whenever you’re staring at work and don’t feel like working.

Bonus game: try not to die or get fired.

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    Sooo drunk right now.
    Shit I have Standup.... hick...
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    The frequent mentions of Rum Made me come to the conclusion that this is a Root Post.
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    @Ranchu Root is made out of rum, didn’t you know? *hic*
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    @Root jaja, most definetly.
    But in all seriousness, are you good at the Moment?
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    Haha. I've been staring at screen last hour not doing anything. My motivation is not here this afternoon. So this is perfect game for me right now.
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    @Ranchu hell no. I work at home with two children and no peace at all, and it’s so hot I can’t go outside. It’s 102* and I’ve always preferred the cold. I hate it here. Work is fine but everything else sucks so much it’s hard to focus from the stress, so I barely get anything done. And so I’m constantly worried about getting fired. More stress. Yaaay.

    We’re moving this autumn, so that’s sorta keeping me going. Idk. Ergo sum miseria
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    Rum, or whiskey? I see some A/B testing in my future.
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    I sort of fell in love with the daiquiri not so long ago so I am joining the rum drinking bandwagon too! Yay! 🍸
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    * falls to the floor *

    Why * hick * is the sky falling * drool *
    Oh... look pretty stars in the soft furry sky.
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    @C0D4 Rum, not tequila. Not LSD either!
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    @Root wum bee gud.

    Oh, I see what i did wrong here, shots not bottles at a time,
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    This entire comment section made me laugh so hard I cried LMAO
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    @Root sounds like adhd
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    I am extremely drunk.
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    @halfflat why not AB instead of A/B?
    Whiskey is great with ice, and Coke If you're into that.
    Rum is at Peak perfection when you mix it in with Hot Chocolate or Cocoa and some whipped cream.
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    @Ranchu Not really fond of Coke as a mixer (why? who knows, just odd). But: certainly fond of whiskey. Quite like the rum + green ginger wine combo, but haven't seen the latter locally.
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    @halfflat im gonna try the Ginger thing.
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    @Ranchu Me too. That sounds nice.
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    @M1sf3t Dr. Pepper with spiced rum. Not coke.
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    @M1sf3t 2?
    It’s the 219th day of the year.
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