Longest/shortest job interview you ever had?

My shortest was under 10m, i came in for the wrong function via a recruiter.

My longest is 135m the guy just kept on talking and talking and talking and....

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    Longest was 17 interviews over 2 months with Neudesic dicking me around over a director position (fuck those guys).

    Shortest was when I walked in and the entire team was on the phone having conversations in a language I didn't speak and was tacitly ignoring my presence. I pretty much wrote myself off as not a culture fit.
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    Shortest, 15 minutes, Got the job
    Longest, 90 minutes.

    @SortOfTested multiple interviews? I'm missing out in life. I've never gone pass the first one.
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    6 hours
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    Shortest : 15 minutes, Got the job

    Longest: 6 years, in my last relationship, ex couldn't figure out if I was a good match or good enough for her.
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    shortest: ~5 minutes [IBM forgot to mention in the job ad that the role is required abroad. "whoopsie"]

    longest: ~3 weeks (multiple interviews) wall-time, ~3-4hours actual interview time.
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    So you often have interviews while walking?
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    Wasn't a good thing, they were just dragging it out to try and land a big enough fish to justify the salary.
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    I read "shortest" and "10m" and thought you meant 10 minutes
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    Shortest : a day
    Longest : a month and still going :/
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