"How to make $17k in 10 hours for a 5 minutes job"
"Live physical server migration to another building"

A nice rant :)

Some folks in my prev workplace tried to move a live SUN machine to a different hall and yet ended up with messed up HDDs (which ofc can only be replaced and rebuilt by SUN, since it's UNIX). Including the system RAID :)

Hats off to Matt!

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    @M1sf3t I assumed they plugged the power cords in their trucks :) you know, the AD/DC converters...
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    Yeah! I read that yesterday. What a painful situation, but they must have had a laugh
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    @Jilano and hell of an experience! And that hype when you realize that you've made it!! A tech challenge this unrealistic and YOU'VE MADE IT!!!

    And I didn't see him posting of any HDDs failed. Which is super impressive.
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    Holy crap, those rates.
    Makes me feel like I’m working for peanuts.
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