Once a guy was not able to apply for a software company coz it required 4+ years of experience in a particular API.

The problem was that he had only 2 years of experience as he himself had developed that API. 😜

It's high time that we rethink the equation " Years of experience == Skill"

Do comment your opinion.

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    Wait what they are hiring the creator who obviously has the most experience than anyone they will ever find unless they wait a few years
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    @M1sf3t yes. But I think he's being serious
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    @M1sf3t oh, I forgot to read dem tags
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    Was it the FastApi dev? I think he (or someone) posted that here a month back.

    On that topic, FastApi is awesome, thanks to whoever made it, beats Flask, no questions asked
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    Yes, He is talking about FastAPI
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