I created Syzer⚑ a cli tool that updates all of your npm dependencies at one go.

Repo: πŸš€

The reasons behind building this: πŸ“
1) I personally hate updating my project dependencies manually.
2) There are other similar libraries that do the same thing but I tried one and too much config. I had to specify the package.json file to update it. then what was the point of using that library. So ended up creating one myself.
3) 'npm update' already exists I know but it does not update the package.json file with the latest version tags.

For more info on how the use the tool check it's README instructions. πŸ‘‹

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    does it update major versions?
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    @coffeeholic yes. I am thinking about making it modular. then it can be required as a module. but currently busy with some other stuff so leaving that for now.
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    Cool, gonna check it out
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    @Marl3x sure. thanks πŸ™
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    @rocktim I mean. does it update major versions by default?
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    @coffeeholic Yes, it does. but note that it only updates the versions at package.json. After that, you would have to do a usual 'npm install' to actually install the latest versions.
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    @coffeeholic If it wouldn't you could just use npm update, right?

    package.json contains constraints, lock contains actual versions. Normally you'd do patch/minor automatically using npm update, and major versions manually because there could be breaking changes.

    I assume this tool is kind of meant as a "fuck it, lets break some things" tool.

    For PHP/composer, it has always annoyed me a bit that there was no "fuck it lets break some things" option.
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    @bittersweet Actually there is an option in the tool to ignore specific dependencies while updating. If there is a major version and you don't want to update or want to update it manually then you can just pass the package with the flag
    "--ignore <package_name>"
    and it won't update it.
    ps: you can pass multiple packages
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    πŸ˜‚ i literally made this already https://github.com/uyouthe/...
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    Sweet. Just got some GitHub security warnings. Will check it out.
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    @narveer cool πŸ‘‹
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    There are no tests.
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    @uyouthe I smell Eurobeat.
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    Checked Out, will propose to Dev team(aka. 3 people) tomorrow.
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    Just use yarn
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