Confluence is good they said
Confluence is awesome they said
Confluence is cloud based and fucking great...

Confluence is starting to lag like it's the 1990's and my keyboard strokes are taking seconds, literal seconds to catch up..

KEYBOARD LAG!! in 2020!!! fuck this JS bullshit.

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    Just like my RubyMine!
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    @Root I mean.. it's probably my fault the scroll bar is super tiny now... but still it's text.... pages and pages long of text 🤷‍♂️
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    AppDynamics reaches those levels of memory leak in ~10 minutes of usage :)

    Are they racing which enterprise tool can leak larger amounts of memory?
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    Atlassian hires only the most underwhelming of engineers that meet the price point. This is what you get from that sort of investment.
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    @netikras good to know I don't want to look at appDynamics 👀

    @SortOfTested this doesn't surprise me in the least, but it's "enterprise"... oh, oh I see where the problem lies now.

    Typical enterprise bullshit, expensive and useless but used by many.
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    Enterprise - comes with business insurance we can sue

    Open Source - *hiss* responsibility bad *hiss*
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    Atlassian products have such things in common, yet they are the top most enterprise tools somehow
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    @C0D4 haven't you reached the Browser crash on Ctrl+Shift+M (code highlight) around some special characters yet? Even refreshing the tab won't work. You gotta open a new tab and close the current one.

    Painfully pathetic.
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    @SortOfTested not sure what's up with the hissing but I can guarantee you that for every proprietary garbage you can find a better open source alternative
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    I was mocking the entperise attitude towards open source.
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    Confluence is where information goes to die. Either it cannot be found once entered or no one can be bothered waiting for the page to load.
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    This. Do you want to pay to use markdown in documentation? Me either.
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    @momad I totally agree. I document all the things I develop into our org confluence, and then also create entries in the troubleshooting space.

    But any problem on our end of the application, everyone will ping the devs (or me, as I handle communication from the team). They don't even bother, or take a hint when I repeatedly show the confluence links as answers to their questions. Infact, about a month ago, on live screen share, I sent a link, and when he opened, he got the "Welcome to Confluence" page. In 1+ years the smartass never ever opened the docs, and he is effin QA 🤷🏻‍♂️
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