This moment when someone mentions you in an PR of an huge ORM clusterfuck with associative tables and discriminators...

And you accidentially say "Yes I'll look at it later" because you thought it was an tiny PR -.-

Should have opened that link first.

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    You still have the option to look at it and reply, "please write this as SQL" 😉
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    @SortOfTested entitites.

    A lot of titties.

    I don't think I want to experience what they'll do if you take their titties away.
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    Become better, more well rounded engineers and indeed people?
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    @SortOfTested the chance is infinitesimal low that it happens.

    I would bet more that they somehow manage to create an larger atrocity.

    You know... Because they _can_.

    And they use Ebeans. . . Already
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    Then you can fire then for being worthless.

    Or just end up where I'm at, getting angry at deficient type systems all day when you try and do things that can easily be accomplished with higher kinded types because people can't generally handle languages capable of expressing them.
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    @SortOfTested Amen.

    But I'm more at the phase of writing down everything that's shitty and let them die a painful death all by themself, pointing to the document and stating that it was an evident mistake from the beginning.


    In two weeks there will be a lot of bug tickets incoming....
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    PS: I'll only create the bug tickets. The rest is on them.
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