To any members in Belarus, stay safe.

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    The fuck happened now?
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    They tried to depose the dictator and discovered they were unable to do so. #Plato
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    They blew up an area larger populated by Christians. The blast registered 4.3 on the Richter scale. 2nd or 3rd largest non nuclear explosion.


    Fuck, I am thinking Lebanon. Sorry for the miss info about Belarus.
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    @Demolishun That would be impressive terorrism m8...
    Also that is BS that it was the largest. 4kton of tnt exploded somewhere long ago, it is difficult to beat that. AN only has the tnt equivalent of ~0.71. People will have to try harder to beat that. There was a gigantic AN explosion in china not so long ago the crater was huge. I dont belive it is that hight on a list. I will have to check i might be wrong.
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    @metamourge protests against a dictator and an unfair voting system
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    Note: that wasn't terrorism. No one has claimed it as an attack, and all signs point to bureaucratic incompetence.
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    USA will become Belarus soon the way its heading
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    @Gregozor2121 Who said it was the largest? I said 2nd or 3rd. Not sure exact amount.

    Sorry: 3.3

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    > US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed the vote "was not free and fair", adding that the people of Belarus "should be given the freedoms that they are demanding".

    Ah yes, the completely non-hypocrytical USA, well known for having no police brutality at the moment and absolutely no allegations of vote fraud
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    @SortOfTested I know. But he was thinking that the explosion has happened in bielarus. That would be an impressive terrorism attack in that case.
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    This thread has nothing to do with anything the US may or may not be doing. There's some shit going down in a place with a lot of engineers. Let's focus on them if we're able.
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    @SortOfTested We understand what Belarus is going through. There is also a bigger picture that authoritarian governments are gaining traction in many places in the world. Turkey for example, Hungary is pretty close now, ofc Russia, I am sympathetic to all governments who lose their democracy.

    Including what is going on in USA.
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    I don't disagree, but I also don't want to diminish what is happening there now by trying to compare it to the US. For all the fucked up shit, our police haven't used live rounds on protesters. Yet.
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    @superposition They are getting ready for a financial "reset". This will usher in the one world government that owns every corporation in the world. Basically global fascism.
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    @Demolishun This is a conspiracy theory that has been doing the rounds for a while. I don't think you should be putting much stock in it (pun definitely not intended, nonono).
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    Crazy shit going on there. Fuck batska
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    @SortOfTested thank you for being a voice for reason
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    A failed attempt at a Spring coup ?

    Related link:

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    They counted 10% of the votes and declared victory for the incumbent.
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    @SortOfTested To be fair, they were very careful to pick the right 10%.
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    At a developed enough level, communism, and fascism, are just the totalitarianism of absolute oligarchy.

    The u.s. is actually an oligarchy, that masquerades as mob rule (democracy). Ask athens how well that worked for them. Same as it ever was.

    Give me a proper federation of true republics any day of the week. None of this half-baked 'its an empire, but actually its a *federal* government bullshit that the west lives under.

    As for belarus, I would trust nothing of western media's opinions. They're all state department ghouls and lackies taking their song and dance from d.c.

    If D.C. says the election was corrupt, western institutions in general, in some far off land, you can guarantee they're merely protesting that it wasn't corrupt *enough* in *their* favor.

    The great trick is not that the left or right steal elections. The votes don't matter. It's who steals *more*, because they both likely do it.

    Fwiw, RIP Belarus. My respects. History does not honor the defeated.
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    The general test of oligarchy is one of consumptive restraint and military prowess. An oligarchy will not allow a large military for fear of giving weapons to the poor.

    The democratic mindset is deliberately miserly in their application of public assets and builds military power as self preservation and control mechanisms militarism offers. You can see this in the way we treat infrastructure, healthcare, etc vs how we find the military.

    What you're seeing as oligarchy is really just late stage democracy, wherein the music is coming to an end and everyone is jockeying to become the tyrant.
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    @SortOfTested I wouldn't say it is an either/or classification. The dividing line is kinda messy, but what you're saying definitely makes more sense now.
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    Why don't such things happen in my country?
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