I'm stuck with a (very) junior developer.
He doesn't understand requirements, why we are doing this and not that.
Today, I asked for a merge request to implement filters on research.
Maybe in one or two weeks ...

Don't forget, everything gonna be alright. 🤲 Or maybe, will I kill him before?

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    I think it's a good thing as a junior to ask why something is done a certain way. That way you can understand the reasoning. Also I think more senior devs should make some time to help the juniors on their way...
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    Waiting for the corresponding inverse rant...
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    @Rambolus I'm helping him few hours a day, everyday (except today where I was working from home). I want to see his progress and set him ready for next step in his professional life.

    But sometimes, brr, gonne kill him.
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    @Alyve ah okay didn't catch that from your rant 😅 and of course there are days you wanna put him out behind the wallpaper then just say come back tomorrow 😉
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    @Rambolus That's why I was in my home today. 😂
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    How junior are we talking here? 1 year? Experience or age?
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    @electrineer Just out of the womb
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    @electrineer He doesn't have any experience as developer, no one. ^^

    But he'll be great, I hope.
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    He told you... you would get a pull request in two weeks?

    What did you say to that, strangeness?

    Two weeks is way too long to not know what a given noob is doing....
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    @N00bPancakes He tooks 2 weeks to implement sign up. 😬
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    If you have to constantly spend that much time with him (and not just for a week or so), you're basically being his half time personal tutor. Someone like that, harsh as it sounds, simply isn't ready for a workplace environment - they need to study (either self study or traditional study) to a point where they can do at least some useful work within a week or two of starting.
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    Try explaining him in layman terms, sometimes as an experienced developers we forgot that someone new is not coming from the same background. Don't spoon feed him everything but give him resources.
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    @Alyve ooooh , ouch.

    I don't believe interviews tell anyone much but... you hope you could identity someone like that, somehow, before they're hired.
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    So does he not understand the current requirements or does he not understand the concept of requirements? The first one is eh, the second is yikes.
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    @N00bPancakes He was there before i'm coming
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    It's a complex situation. How do you feel about him?

    You think he has potential?

    Can you at least see a *spark* somewhere in there?

    Does he like programming or did he just need a job?

    Does he seem interested in a different position or field of work?

    I think if you can answer those questions you'll know if he/she is worth the time :|
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