Am i the only one who feels sleepy after drinking coffee 😖

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    lol, I used to think coffee made me sleep, and it somewhat did. But it made me sleep because it was only one cup of coffee. Until one day poor me drank about 7 cups of coffee because I thought it made no effect on me. I ended up sleeping at 6 PM the next day lol.
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    People with caffeine sensitivity generally have that reaction. It can also come with caffeine doses > 400mg/day
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    @SortOfTested i think that might be the case, my heart rate spikes to 100 after drinking coffee. And that high heart rate burns more energy than i needed to making me sleepy
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    That's a bit high. Do you do any cardio? I wouldn't expect much above 85 or so, assuming a healthy resting heart rate of mid 50s and a sedentary in the mid 70s.
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    @hardfault Oof! That's certainly a physiological result and a half!

    Personally, caffeine tolerance means one espresso is relaxing, three might help keep me awake. And my heart rate doesn't shift by more than five or ten bpm.
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    It just proves that caffeine in fact works. Many things that affect brain have different effects depending on person.
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    My mom used to drink 2 Espresso's to sleep better. Never understood that tbh but seems like others have the same "issue".
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    I've reduced myself down to 3-4 per day, this used to be 6-8 a few years ago.
    But I've never had an issue going to sleep after coffee.

    I can't seem to get under the 3 mark though, I just pass out by the end of the day 😅
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    @C0D4 after I consumed a liter of coffee in one take and what happened after that, I quit coffee completely.
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    @SortOfTested @halfflat

    I know that's high but heart rate is very instantaneous thing. I got to play around my heart rate values when i was working for a local R&D company

    I saw usually my heart rate is 75bpm but while talking to someone or just looking at the screen(coding) it shoots up to 85 to 90 bpm.

    There is good 10 bpm difference just by looking at the screen and not looking at the screen.

    100 is when i am on coffee and looking at the screen.

    My old company made a whole product on these finding.

    I will suggest do a simple experiment download HR app on phone and see the difference just by looking at or away from screen for normal people at least 5 bpm difference is seen.

    Also i do go to gym every other day but i am not sure what i do is only cardio.
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    @hardfault Relaxed/attentive for me gives roughly 5 bpm difference; and I've noticed it's 5-10 bpm higher for a while after eating.

    Currently out of shape (thanks, coronavirus!) but the deltas are similar even when fit, even if the absolute values are smaller.
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