When you have to beg your team for approval on your pull request.

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    Wtf man, it’s like their job to check and approve your prs
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    @uyouthe Not always. If they think that theire feature is more important they will ignore it. After all it was just an automated mail. You have to go up to/phone them to make them understand. That's the problem if you don't have a day with a designated pull request reviewer assigned to only check open pull request for the team.
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    I approve. @python can you merge with me finally? And dump @python2.7
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    If you don't trust your team enough to want to review every single merge they try to do, well, then you've got the wrong team.
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    I have this problem but only because most of our projects are stored on an internal GIT server, and the one I work on most is in Azure DevOps.

    Easy to forget to check there so the occasional reminder is needed.
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