tl;dr: Bossmang blaming my code for a database connection issue thrown from outside of my code. Bossmang doesn’t listen. Bossmang doesn’t want to believe it’s a connection issue.


Bossmang: The code you wrote is causing insane spec failures in the release branch! It’s hard to follow because it’s so insane, but the cause is your code not properly handling undefined settings! Look at this! <spec>

Me: Specs pass on my machine. I ran it with both a set and nil value. <screenshots>

Bossmang: It works when you set it to nil.

Me: But a setting that doesn’t exist returns nil? <screenshot>

Bossmang: Not seeming to.... So this is the spec failure from the release: “No connection pool with id primary found. <stacktrace that starts outside of my code>”

Me: ... That’s a DB connection error. It’s also being thrown outside of my code, and from a `super` call to Rails.

Bossmang: But <unrelated> and <unrelated> and <other spec> is failing, and if I set the version, it has <other failure> instead! That calls your code first.

Me: It’s a database error. Also: <explains probable, unrelated cause of other failures, like someone didn’t mock a fucking external api call>

Bossmang: But if I restore a DB backup, it fails again.

Me: Restoring uses a dB connection, which could be exhausting the pool depending on the daemons you have running.

Bossmang: perhaps.


Bossmang: I still think it’s related to spec ordering.

This is tiring.

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    Circle of life:

    Write code
    Ship code
    Bugs not relating to code are filed
    Write more code to prove you're not responsible
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    Hm. I think I'm too chubby to be a ninja....

    But since I had these kind of discussions.... Wouldn't it be fun to have a bullshit signal and have someone randomly teleporting over hitting the dumbest person with a cucumber?

    It's not so violent... But funny.

    Flying cows are too large, but a random person with a cucumber in and out... More than doable.
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    Tldr, but

    Did you just do a "The Expanse" reference?
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    I wanna violently shake your boss. This makes me fucking angry
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    @metamourge Bossmang na sasa anyting today, keyá?
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    @Root didn't read the books, but the TV series is the best since Stargate imho.
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    @rootofskynet Absolutely. I’m in love πŸ’™
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    The pain... excruiating πŸ™ˆ
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    by definition not a boss*man*.

    a real man can admit when they are wrong or dont know something.

    at best he is a boss*dude*.
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    @Wisecrack Bossguy. Bossbro. Bossboy.
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    @Root bossbaby.
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    @OmerFlame highly relevant.
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