It seems like lately more and more people are joining this massive wave of Linux converts. And part of me is like "well fuck yeah, why wouldn't they? Shit just makes sense with linux."

But then I stop and consider what some of the hipster YouTubers are saying when they say "how to fix when your hipster OS is broken by pacman by installing Ubuntu blah, blah, ad nauseum."... Which Linux distro is /truly/ the most "hipster" distro of them all?

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    Imma say void linux

    It's not all that hipster though, I've been running productions applications on it for 20 years.
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    I guess one should consider what exactly "most hipster" mean in this context... To which I say, I had nothing particular in mind and am curious as to what everyone else thinks.
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    What I wrote was unclear. The *it* context is generalized Linux.

    Void is pretty fringe.
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    Arch, due to "i use arch btw".

    I use Arch, by the way.
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    @kescherRant I mean I too use Arch, but not exclusively. I still find myself bouncing between Ubuntu for work, Arch on one laptop, and a host of different VMs just for shits and giggles. Some people waste time on steam. I fuck around with VMs.
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