I have finally hit 1,000 upvotes, thank you everyone! DevRant is by far my favorite social media/place to talk tech and programming on, and you bet your asses I will keep posting here.

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    Looks like it doesn’t crash on ur phone
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    @scout it does, like 15 times a day
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    @scout the crashes are just a reminder everyone has bugs in prod.
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    @C0D4 yeah, basically.
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    @C0D4 or to remind you that you should ditch iOShit for a real phone /s
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    @Stuxnet no need to get jealous of not having a buggy app 😏
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    kArMa hOrInG

    Haha congratulations bro. Yes it's so good that I had to return
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    @F1973 believe it or not, I didn’t post for a long fucking time because I forgot to reinstall the app :P
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    @OmerFlame IIRC I had 60K+ Karma and was 2nd or 3rd after Linuxxx, Alice/Alex before I quit.

    But what mattered to me the most is, judgement free posting.

    Great people.

    Greater interactions.

    Good friends.

    Lots of learnings.

    Earlier there were sooooo many active, good, and knowledgeable users.

    These days the signal is bit low.
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    @F1973 ikr? I know who Alice was in the community. She liked garlic bread, I remember that.

    I hope I could build this same reputation and become a DevRant giant as well and be super active.
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    @OmerFlame aim to be a good and curious person. Everything else will fall in place.

    Don't try to please others to be afraid to put your opinions or stand for what you believe in.

    At the same time be open to change your mindset during conversation.

    Basically don't be a dick and be kind.

    The world is good, if you are good :)
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    @F1973 hell yeah bro
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    Congrats .. 👍
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    @C0D4 no worries when I want to use a bugged out piece of shit I open Snapchat. It's not as bad as it used to be, but holy shit the Android version blows cock.
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    devRant should be open source
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