Found this somewhere and started crying

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    It's unusual but it could have been a standard 😂 I still don't know every month by number. Epic fail I guess
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    Oh wow. Twitch asked me to confirm my phone number to use their API and they sorted the country codes by number instead of by country.
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    Most DBMS sort by ASC PK if no sort order is given.

    Maybe there is a table month.

    Maybe the PK is the month name. :)
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    Some people just wanna watch the world burn
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    @IntrusionCM LOL, that's pretty redundant to make entire database table just for months, even if it contained translations. If your theory is correct, then this picker is double laughable
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    They said sort, didnt say how
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    That is beautifully disorienting
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    I mean, its still super easy to find the month you need.
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