I must use GPT-3 to automate my daily rants on DevRant.

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    I think some people do exactly that already. That's about the best explanation there is.
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    To be fair, the standard of the average blog/news writer isnt that high these days.
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    @Frederick writing a blog these days is as easy as giving a TEDx talk.
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    Damn. That article is really something. It identifies all the patterns and styles of premium top rated articles that those creative top rated authors apply subconsciously https://adolos.substack.com/p/...
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    @Frederick "DEA hate the modern web?!?!??!"
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    So GPT-3 is in fact simple MLM machine.
    Markov Chain my shiny little ass.
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    As someone who works in NLP, I find this a useless way to use the model. Generating jargon is not hard ever since the Transformer architecture (a few lines of code and you have an “Ai writer”); on the other hand - creating meaningful content with these models is hard.
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    @electrineer shhhhhh. you're giving away the game.
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