The worst part about being totally in the zone: looking up after a hour or five and realizing you really really really really need to pee. And knowing that as soon as you get up it’s all over. 😭

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    Can really relate.

    Fuck my life man, it happened to me today, although it’s not SO bad with me but it can still ruin a lot of probably incredible ideas.
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    Problem solved
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    @Stuxnet I wondered who was going to suggest something like that first. You won the disappointment prize.
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    @Root woooo that's what my parents tell me! :D
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    @Stuxnet pwnd by the creators. nice.
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    Everyone knows you just have to time your pee so something is happening when you're gone. The best pees are the ones where you know time ain't being wasted, as your code is compiling, git bisect is running, your model is training, and/or you've just pushed a load of stuff for your colleague to deal with in the meantime 😉
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    But what if...
    Holding the pee is actually the zone O_o!?
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    Catheters 4 life
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