Can somebody suggest a good domain registrant? google.domain isn’t an option.

Currently using service Domain, but hate their process on domain renewal (I’m not from US).

What’s your go-to service and how’s your experience with it?

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    I use Namecheap for most domains - never had any issues with them and usually they are quick to propagate dns changes.

    There has been a couple of times over the years it's taken a day to update.

    Just be wary, try to sell extra shit during checkout - like most registers these days, so navigate that process with a careful eye.
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    Why is Google not an option?

    What issues are you facing with them?

    Don't opt for CumDaddy
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    Namecheap, cheapest and most reliable.
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    Namecheap. Works perfectly and is cheap.
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    I also recommend Namecheap, though domaindiscount24 (dd24.com) sometimes is an option, too. especially if your from germany...
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    Can recommend transip
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    I like Namesilo. It looks old, but it is not bad and it is cheap.
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    @F1973 they’re not accepting billing from my country at the moment
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    @deliwa I had the same issue but once they started it here, it was fucking smooth.

    I could never think of going to anyone else.

    Their support is powerful too.
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    name.com is the only thing i have to add. works ok but i still almost always use namecheap
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    Namecheap, yes!
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    Namecheap and Gandi are both pretty good. Gandi tends to be tens of cents more expensive but you get free email inboxes with each domain
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