Man I am sick and tired of developers (I was about to put that in quotes, but it's mean), acting "cool" all the time. Like let me just put it out there, WTF is dAy iN tHE LiFE oF A sOftWaRe deVELoper.

Get the fuck out here. All you do is eat, walk, eat, chat, laugh and fuck around all day, with no work being done. And I'm supposed to respect you. Educate these young and fresh developers on what it is really like, rather than teasing them with the ideal life they think it is.

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    Pain, misery, bullshit requirements, ass raping time lines, lines of shots to deal with the soul crushing imbalance of life and work, the occasional victory dance, a production release that goes flawless, and the other line of shots to celebrate you made it to Friday.

    it's probably Friday night your seeing devs not the Monday to Thursday bullshit we have to deal with to get to a happy state again.

    If your seeing a happy dev through the week, they are either not doing any work, or have gone insane and the fear of the work no longer has an impact.
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    But I am cool. And I am cool all the time.
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    Career discussion on the internet is an interesting thing.

    Lots of folks out there want to tell you what it is like to do their job, and they've got experence with it so they think they know.

    Most people don't seem to know / recognize that:

    1. The same job can be WILDLY different job to job. Like huge differences.

    2. To some extent your job is what you make of it, and some extent it isn't.

    Few if any folks telling the internet what it is like to be X really account for any of that.
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    I mean, my job I great. I've got great colleagues, great management and a reasonable work load. That's what I tell people, but I also know that my job is one in a million.
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    @ScriptCoded Same, my boss expects me to perform, but gives me the space to perform. He is a dev too that actually knows what he is doing. The other day I asked about creating something for testing. He said you can do that if you want. I am realizing I have a LOT of self directed choice for my job. It is awesome to have a boss that has that kind of confidence in me to make choices about workload.
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    I don't respect anyone who acts "cool" all the time, dev or not.
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    Sitting all the time in the same position and having a bent back.
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    A lot of those day in the life videos are actually job ads. They're not gonna show the actual work because that's not likely to entice anyone. HR think you'll want to work there if they show off the "fun office culture"
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    @C0D4 you forgot to mention sleep deprivation.
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    @raspark Dude, tell me about it! I had so many sleepless days, I'm just getting well rested during this covid-19 crises.
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