disclaimer i dont understand css to begin with so you can discard my opinion

You have all these options for width https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US... , but guess what none of them do anything different as you brute force try them all in the chrome debugger. Dunno what cascades except my butthurt

so fuck it ~1000% width works and has an ugly overhang, but fuck front end

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    The tricky part is to understand the underlying box model and what a relative size refers to. Depending on the property, it may be relative to the size of the object itself, or to the parent object. Some shit only even works if the parent object has a defined size. And then there's a difference between inline and block elements.
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    Brute force works.... sure.
    Or you could just learn the theory behind the madness.

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    !important is your best friend

    Future devs on the project will hate you
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    Failing Css is super difficult to debug if you don't have the complete picture of all the css that's in work. And that could include
    - css coming from included css files and urls
    - css coming from the included css files' Included css
    - css in the html file via some tag's style attributes
    - css in the html file in some <style> tag
    - css coming from js in include js file
    - css cominf from js in some included js framework

    Some other places that i might have missed. I dealt with an html template and boy there are a lot of such weird shit with css going on.
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    we can defend cas all we want or recognize that the fact that the "clearfix hack" is still a thing....a thing that is still referenced as a hack.

    I know this shit properly enough to not require some bs like bulma or bootstrap....yet css is still and will continue to be bullshit....i hate web development...

    source: been a web dev since 2009
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    @AleCx04 being a we dev since 2015 I can tell you I've never needed floats. Just flex ox everything. Makes things a lot more understandable.

    Ive never used the clearfix hack
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    @AleCx04 What's even more hacky and also still in use is the "padding bottom hack" to have responsive images while avoiding layout jumping during page load.
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    @Codex404 man I wish, seen far too much bs from old browsers. If i could use flex and grid components on all my shit i would but some people insist on supporting old ass shit :(
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    @Fast-Nop man people fight me on that one stating that it is not a hack, but I know a hack when I see one!
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