Can I complain most of the memes or jokes in this platform have been overused

I'm usually not the one to speak but sometimes I just see overused jokes or those stolen from Reddit.

Have some originality

(and before you ask, my own memes are on Reddit as well. I repost my own memes, not someone else's)

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    Yes you can.
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    Aren't memes overused almost by definition?
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    @N00bPancakes Yes.

    @OP Also yes.
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    Fuck off. Some days devrant is the only social platform that I will use, so its fine to see stuff from other platforms. This is not a contest, people just share what they like.
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    @zemaitis Sigh.
    If you want to see low quality, zero-effort content, look for it on Reddit or Facebook, as that’s their niche. Sharing those trash memes and shitposts is not quality content generation and really should be discouraged.
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    @zemaitis That isn't true for most. They share what they think will get them the most upvotes because hoarding internet points give them that small dopamine boost we all crave.
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    I as an intellectual, disabled joke/meme tag years ago.
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    Lmao, when even the memers complain about the bad memes.
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    I like it when a dev-related meme gets frontpaged on reddit, so you see it posted here 3 or 4 times in the span of a couple of days.

    And whatever, it's fine, but I'm here to read about interns force pushing to master and clients not knowing what they want.
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    The only thing that really hacks me off are accounts that only *ever* post memes - no other rants at all. Every now and again is fine but damn, if that's all you ever do then piss off to Reddit.
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    @aviophile I first read that as "disabled tag" and it still made sense.
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    We lost the way..
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    Imo all memes posted anywhere should be original or at least edited versions.
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