I'll transform Co-worker into Co-student.

Personality wise most are like a brick, or a shoebox.

Most memorable would be the radical feminist bitch.

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    Has she dyed her hair blue or pink yet? I'm about to dye my hair, don't judge me yet!
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    This reminds me of the guy at my uni who was all high and mighty like "women don't belong in IT" 😂 it really do be a field that attracts a lot of freaks in all directions
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    A real radical feminist? Yeah, these seem to cause much more man butthurt than the modern dick positive ones.
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    @rutee07 I have dyed both daughters hair both blue, pink, rainbow and black over the years, most often 2 or more colors :)

    So no objection from me :P
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    @Voxera Sounds cool. 🌺

    It's either purple or turquoise for me. It seems like the best time to dye your hair different colors since everyone's working remotely. Most companies here don't allow crazy colors.
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    @Elyz My place is like the oppsite, all are the classic nerd stereotype, nothing more and nothing less. Weird world we live in, but seems like i were lucky to avoid having any person with extreme views in my class.
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