I use my phone to code. I am using mi redmi note 7 pro. I use notepad ++ to code.
The problem is, even the simplest code of mine is breaking. Can anyone tell me why and what to do?

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    Missing some details.
    What language, what type of project, what error and some code example.

    Just stating platform and that it breaks does not help very much.

    I could say get a better platform, but I a pretty sure its not the platforms fault ;)
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    @Voxera i know that it's not platform fault. Whatever different platforms i used on my phone, it's still the same.
    And sorry for not detailing the issue.
    I am into web developing.
    I use html, css and js a lot.
    So i used the image tag and background image styling but it ain't working.
    Also, font styling is no effect at all, no matter what style i chose.
    And at last php is returning no call. It just shows my php code over my html page.
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    @csense2653 if you see the php code its either that you have the wrong tags, for example using just <? but the server requires <?php

    Or the wrong suffix, htm instead of php, or php is not installed or configured.

    Fir the other problem I need a bit more detail.
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    Now I'm curious: How the heck did you get a Windows-only editor running on Android? Or do you mean Notepad Plus Code?

    Anyway, nobody can (and wants to) remotely diagnose code without any details. We don't even know what language you used, what your errors are, ...
    Do also not forget this is a platforms where people rant about, and not an Q&A site. If you ask a question on those sites, remember the sentence about the details.

    A final hint: Get a laptop with a proper editor, or even better with an IDE. Really. You might be surprised, but especially the latter usually come with tools helping you to find errors.
    And you need to know how to work with those later anyway.

    - - -

    If I did not scare you off, welcome to devRant and I guess I can even say, congratulations to your start of your career in software development!
    P.S. This "why the heck didn't this work as I thought" feeling will happen to you a lot more often (and this is normal).
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    Thanks for familiarising me with devrant. And i know i should use pc or laptop and this is not a platform for QnA but i sincerely have had no other options or i wouldn't be stating these things right now. Hope you don't mind.
    And i am damn sure that there is no error in my code but the problem is just with my phone or something like that. That's why I asked.
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    @Voxera it's just that I don't know how to show my code..
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    "I use my phone to code."

    That is wrong on so many levels.

    Where's my pitchfork?
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    @csense2653 copy paste an example. That should be possible even on the phone.

    Or a github link or something.

    But to answer a question we need to know what ;)
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    @Voxera github. I'm still yet to understand how that thing works. four months of experience as a web dev
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    Remember guys... Now days people buy less pcs and laptops because a tablet suits most people.
    I also code on the phone, mostly on pc, but I even made my appointments in my phone, in html on a course I did...
    Most of my colleges teased me... Till I mounted a web page with all my notes.
    Tip 1: get yourself a full Bluetooth keyboard.
    Tip 2: there are dozens of IDEs for Android (I use quickedit myself), some even with integration to Dropbox and gdrive.
    Tip 3: mount a web server on your phone. There are enought free ones that do the work, I use servers ultimate, it's paid but has over 60 different servers to use, ftom web to ftp, mail server,... But the free versions are more then enough, pick one that serves php too if you nerd it
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    @ilechuks73 🤣🤣🤣 yes i agree
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    @GyroGearloose That's not a issue at all.
    And ya, people who code on phone, knows cool it is.
    But it's frustrating if your code breaks
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    My problem is not with any specific code related. Whatever code i write it works fine on pc, i checked it out. But it's specific to phone. It works on Mac tablets also but breaks on an android phone.
    That's my problem. If you still can't get what my problem, i think i should delete this post. No personal grudges at all. 😊
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    @GyroGearloose Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Still a tad impressive, though
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    @Jilano coded this with my phone, while on vacation :p
    Lots of reasons to code in phone.
    Lots of reasons to not to.
    For someone without a pc might be the only option
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    @GyroGearloose Seems like interesting vacation, eh

    You're right, though. If someone can't get a PC for whatever reason, it is better than nothing.
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    Yep. Think on kids... The most important people to be learning code for themselves...
    Their parents can't buy a computer but they got a smart phone...
    It sucks to code on phone but at least have a chance to do so
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    I think the problem may be with the links. I ran into that problem while transferring a job from my phone to my tablet. for instance your link contains "c:// blah blah blah" while the phone doesnt have a c drive. I made that mistake when I using bootstrap cache(I dont know what it is called. might be cache) files
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