Who doesn't remember when were kids the amazing Scratch programming language?

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    My son uses that.
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    I dont. Never used it and i hope i never freaking will. Started with C. Hard to learn as 10y old but god dammit it will teach you better then some scratch.

    Tho yes. Today kids if they saw C they would flip and start crying.
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    Ah yes, I remember when I attended uni, it was the second semester and we had a substitute teacher. She fucking came in and started showing "visually" how a loop works in Scratch.

    Now that was real bad.
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    This is a super weird thing to use after you have experienced actual programming, not sure about the other way round.

    2 years ago , one of the neighborhood college invited students from our college to attend some scratch based hackathon. I was absent that day, but somehow my dumass friends won there. Later that night i tried this scratch console and boy its weird
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    When I was a kid we had basic...
    Learned pascal in school :p
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    Used it a lot in mit app inventor tough
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    @Haxk20 Pros start with C or some other native language. lol
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    That moment you feel old, because you know this thread is full of 2000's kids.
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    @Bybit260 uhmmm yes that's what I said. I started with C.
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    GUIs were barely existent when I was a kid.
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    I remember that, it was a relief after "imagine logo", where you write commands in a localized language to move a turtle with a paintbrush up its ass, but methods are created with a glitchy 90s GUI, and they can't call themselves unless explicitly set to recursive, and it's supposedly strictly typed but only using hungarian notation except for non-recursive methods which are basically macros, and to top it all off bitwise operations are slower than drawing commands.
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    Damn, scratch was released in... 2007? The fact that some teenagers now will have never known a world without its existence makes me feel like I'm 80. Thanks guys.
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    I was a year out of college when it released publicly. Just about to check it out for my 6 year old though.
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    I wish I was a kid when that was out.

    I would have been a lot younger now.
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    My ex uses Flowcode for all his projects including major ones. He may be too old for Scratch but he sure as hell did not graduate from its kind.
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    Well, in the 90s we had stuff like visual basic, wich I used a lot. Was the closest we had to visual programming :p
    To bad visual Studio products are so bad... Like we had to create installs with libraries, like 100mb of libraries for a program that was 2mb...

    I fixed it tough, copy paste dlls to the program main folder, 3mb program :p that's only two diskettes. And my programs worked till windows 10
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    Glad I grew up during a time where this crap did not exist yet
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    @Yggdrasil Any particular reason you think it's bad? Not as a programming language but as a child's toy and basic learning tool.
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