You know how you wake up from a bad dream?

I just woke up in the middle of the night, without any memory on any dream, but rather two people talking to each other on discord.

All I can remember was:
A: (garbled) you know when you ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+G?
B: (interrupts the other) 1,2,3... yeah when you want to move the windows to the other screen?

Both started to laugh.

I fully woke up, got a glass of water and went back to sleep. I’ve never, ever used that shortcut in any program.

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    At this point you know you've done something wrong when your dreams are like this!
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    Don't worry TOO much. The sleeping mind is known to jumble together random information you might have picked up. It's not that uncommon to come across something you "didn't know".

    You just didn't knew you know. But now you know!
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    I distinctly remember a dream where I was setting margin and padding on real life objects, because I wanted to clean the wall behind a cabinet. I ended up setting the selectors too broad and my organs got a margin of 1.5m
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    @Lor-inc you proved it! CSS is a nightmare
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