I just managed to configure a second keyboard to map its keys to separate keycodes. Basically, I should be able to use it as a complete macro deck 😏 Thank god for Linux

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    That sounds really cool. I wish/hope there is a way to do this in windows. Also, I could see it being used as a tool to grief someone too!
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    @Demolishun Afaik, there isn't. Unless the keyboard manufacturer has some special HW/SW
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    May I recommend a arduino atmega 32u4 pro mini?
    It's one of the few arduinos that can simulate a imput device.
    Its actually my current project.
    The very special think compared to a keyboard Is that you can insert a full text with a key press... Let's say all the tags for a html file, the basics a program code, different signatures for email... Also key combinations...
    Can program it to hack, place it in a USB port and it will run your script, let's say, send a email with all the data you can steal, or open two girls one cup in full screen
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