Nothing destroys work flow like management idiots deciding on features and design that they just pulled out of their asses.

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    I beg to differ.

    Nothing breaks productivity and willingness to trudge on after 4 months of heavy project work - some of which was outsourced, only for the requirements to change so much (already signed off mind you) that you need to rework everything that's already been done.... this is my life right now!

    @C0D4 not a happy camper

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    did you and your mates said no for once?
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    @heyheni single frontend dev there. Told them no many times. Just moments ago they give me full freedom to make it as i see fit 🤣
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    @C0D4 sound like We are in the same boat. Too many iterations on product and all it went down the drain when they decide to change the product completely. More frsutrating part is that they decide on deadline without asking me once
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    @xanadu deadline was a month ago, I'm not too fused, their changes see this thing going another 6-7 weeks though and that's at a bare minimal semi functional as it should level 😤
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    I write the code, I delete the code. I write down an hour of work. What do I care that nothing of value was produced? I get paid for sitting here, so sit here I will.
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