So, someone is trying to catfish me in some social media.
And I can make a few guesses about who it might be. Or maybe I'm being paranoid and all the accounts contacting me randomly, are just spam bots.

But this isn't the first time. From a hateful ex, to someone I turned down because I had zero feelings for, to even random stalkers who found me online and thought that I was the best choice for obsessing over, I've seen different types of online ghosts.

Like... why is it that it takes so much for some people to be decent? Why can't you just say it to my face (aka directly), get your answer, and then fuck off? And if you're actually obsessing, it is not my problem. See a fucking therapist.

Anywho, aside from the wish to be able to occasionally deliver an online slap, and occasionally wishing that everyone on the internet had an ID to be found IRL, I would like for internet to be a less hateful/harassing/terrorizing/bullying/discriminating place. I like internet. I have so many awesome friends on the internet.

I just needed to rant about it so it doesn't weigh on my mind. Now I'm gonna go back to ignoring them and living my own life peacefully. I hope y'all have a good day. 🙂

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    The amount of time people spend on someone who doesn't want to be with them is bonkers.
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    Crap, she's on to me 🥺
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    People are weird and creepy. Part of the reason I don't use social media much, if at all.
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    @AlmondSauce but there is a small section of people that doesn't completely suck. I think they're worth it.
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    @C0D4 Oh... Hum... Yeah. (Thanks for taking the dive, mate)

    @N00bPancakes Right? Instead of focusing on the real thing, aka pancakes.
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    @C0D4 @Jilano your wives will be disappointed 😛
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    @NoMad Oh, totally. I'm lucky to have a good number of those in my life. But I also see (well saw, pre covid) and message them pretty often, so don't feel the need to use the more "public facing" social media profiles / sites so much. Pretty much just use them for private messaging people. Besides, messages are more personal anyway 😊
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    @NoMad Like they need something else, ha! Wait...

    @rutee07 "Hey there, sexy! Message me from some fun!"
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