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The offshore team has put code gems in production featuring the example code generated on project startup that you're supposed to delete or overwrite, an API endpoint that just returns the value 5, and various debugging console.logs. it's a delight reading their code.

My boss also forgot the meeting he called me in for so I've been sitting here waiting for 20 minutes when I could have gone home. I'm glad it's friday

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    The api reminds me of how one of the first projects i worked on for my company (the project was original made by a company that went bankrupt). One day i were refactoring some of the code while working on a version 2.0cof the project i found an endpoint that could be access by everyone that accept SQL qurries with No validation as parameters.
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    @Frederick nice 🙂 things like this make me regret a career in IT.
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    @Elyz Ohhh you would be suprised, when you realize most code in production is crap.

    But somehow when i think about it, i doesnt even suprise me. Like most of my fellow friends & people on my education is too lazy to even wanna write code that cant be SQL injected or hash/salt passwords.

    My and one of my friend has this joke with we should drop out and be gardeners 😂. Sometimes i really consider it.
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    @Frederick gartner sounds dope. When I have had enough of IT I'm gonna drop it and open a yarn shop
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    @Elyz We could all three of us start our own gartner thing together 🤣
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    I come from the future and let me ask you this: why shouldn't an API just return 5?
    We fought for the freedom of being able to returning 5 in the great ai war, where thousands of fellow devs died, shot down by the managers cannons: cannons shooting 500 pages projectiles with in detail justifications for why we need to do unpaid overtime many were hit by the hr raids with pointless meetings on the importance of the company and many betrayed us saying that js == java.
    We fought for our developer freedom, so yes. We are free to just return five.

    ... I think I need to see a therapist for being able to invent this crap without being on drugs.
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    @Elyz I want to open a tea house!

    (And a smoothie shop. There are no good smoothies within at least a hundred miles of here...)
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    @Root 's tea house? Just give me the address! My burnout work plan is to be a florist or something ... I know... Laaaame 🤣
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    @Root :O we should partner up! A yarn café that sells tea and smoothies! People would hang out for hours knitting and buying more drinks! Bulletproof plan
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    @piratefox Nothing wrong with that! We need good florists, and the shops always smell so nice.
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    @Elyz @Root Sounds like a good plan, no more suffering from programmers, shitty hr managers, bosses or shitty code anymore.

    On another note, i would like some good smoothies, it has been forever since i got any smoothies.
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    @Frederick on a related smoothie note I recommend getting one of those smoothie blenders where you blend directly into the bottle you drink from. I have a smoothie for breakfast every day and it's wonderful. Just remember it should be more vegetable than fruit in order to be good for ya. I recommend spinach, banana and strawberry. You don't even taste the spinach.
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    @Elyz And some virgin coconut oil :)

    Also! Lemon. A tiny touch of lemon makes every smoothie noticeably better.
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    @Root another smoothie-lover, I see. I've gotta try the lemon juice thing!
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    @Frederick yeah well, if nobody knows the endpoint nor the database structure anyway, it's extremely secure. It's called security through obscurity.
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    @Elyz Sounds delicious. Getting a smoothie blender is definitely one of the first things i would like to get, when i find a place to move into, when i have graduated.
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    an API endpoint that just returns the value 5?

    They probably implemented a very efficient caching system
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    The joy of the dumb people is that they don't care.

    They don't care that they're dumb.
    They don't care if it's production down or up.

    They don't care.

    It's a mantra I guess.

    I want to have a nice lil hotel, bed n breakfast family style. You come. You'll stay. We and every other guest have fun together.
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    @Frederick I can fertilize your soil with fresh offshore corpses.
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    @Frederick I was literally employed in my school after graduation to rewrite their website... as "gardener" according to contract. My first job coincidentally fits your analogy 😅
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    Why do you have an API endpoint that just returns the number 5? Why not just use the number.... as you would normally do?
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    @OmerFlame nobody knows 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    @OmerFlame Havent you heard about the newest way to use api endpoints as variables for your client side application.
    Server side ftw, am i right.
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    @Frederick ah yes yes makes lots of sense lmao
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