A "friend" is a tech fraud. Faking his resume as a software engineer! Only interested on the salary. This is unfair to all of us putting the hours of effort/practice just to improve our craft! 😠😤

I have a "friend" who is faking his resume, putting fake experiences and putting jargons not even related to tech just to make himself smart. He's using his customer service rep experience to talk confidently. His resume fcking long, 3 pages of fakery. I can't help, but to laugh when he sent it to me.

He has a tech degree, but worked in a BPO industry for 4 years, then recently, he quit. He got jealous with the lucrative software development industry and he wants to relearn coding, as a friend and I like sharing my knowledge, I agreed to guide him in the process.

After 3 moths, he got his first job, but unfortunately he got fired after two weeks because he commited sensitive data to the remote repo.

Then after a month, he got his second job and worked there for 6 months, he still don't know what his doing and always ask me solutions when he is stuck.

He got his 3rd job, remote work with high compensation. Fast forward after 3 months, he only got 1 month of salary, the other 2 wasn't given for unknown reason, my best guess is the company noticed his experience on paper does not match on real life.

Currently, he's working on another remote work with same compensation as before, and he still asks me super simple questions from time to time.

This is so unfair to all the devs who truly deserves the opportunity.

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    You provided your help as a friend

    Now, stop doing that as a dev. It is for the greater good
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    Tie them up and tase them until they learn their lesson.
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    I worked with 300 devs who lied by merit of having anything on their resume that represented their having knowledge, ability or skill at the last client I was servicing. 11 of them were found out for having fake degrees, so you can assume the total number was much larger.

    It's the way of things nowadays, unfortunately. I don't support dishonesty or credential falsification; that said, there's no glory or honor in dying on "I played by the rules when no one else did" hill.
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    When companies are looking for ppl with 7 years exp with swift, or 10 years with k8s - what do they expect? honesty?
    ffs. the reason fizzbuzz even exists... Companies force you to do online code test, and then on location code test for this reason.

    Everybody lies. get used to it. use it to your advantage. Charge your "friend" for your answers. prepaid only.
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    Why faking it when you can polish your interview passing skill to the level when you basically hypnotize people?

    Why faking it when IT job is a REAL JOB when you’re expected to DO THINGS and it’s not like all those jobs that was handed to spoiled brats by their rich parents where they can just do nothing?

    Why faking it when learning CS and SE is a true pleasure by itself? You look at the problem, there is no solution but you come there and boom, you make the solution when no one else can. You’re the magician, the original creator, the demigod. You created something that works where there was nothing.
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    The thing about fake it till you make it....

    You are a complete living lie.

    And the pesky thing about lies:
    They stick - at some point it will be hard - even for the person who invented the lie - to know if it's true or still a lie.

    Experience and knowledge are most enjoyable when you are aware of your progress.
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    Half these fucks want a paycheck and move into management as fast as possible.

    Then they spend the next 20 years telling the people under them "when I wrote code..."

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    @SortOfTested Well, yes.
    I have a friend in a bit of inverse situation. He is in France. French compagnies do not pay well developers. But they WILL pay a lot for managing a team.
    He hates management. He is very good on coding part (Mostly C++).

    So he just told me : ‘Well, let’s do that, I’ll add “scrum master”, “Product owner” etc tags and find a management job”.
    Basically, they are forcing a very good dev to do management… And he is not very good at it. But hey, “We will all rise to our maximum incompetence level”
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    Doesn't have to be true, most companies just enforce it because pay scales are set by people who only know business.
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    "pay scales" is just HR excuses. They are the most useless part of company. Talk directly to managers / people who actually can make a decision.

    Once I was interviewing for a company (I was around 24 yo I think, it was my second job).
    The HR said : “Yeah we cannot pay you more as pay scales should be equals between employees”. I just said (Note : I already had another job lined. I wasn’t taking risks) : “ Well, in this case the bottom of my university should do it. I will not work for this amount. Care to speak with actual devs ?”.
    Guess what ? I got the job and the pay was a bit more than other job I had lined up. (It was not big numbers. But between 30k EUR and 36kEUR there is a difference. ) (Remember, second job post school with less then 1 year of experience)
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    Of course they do. That's the reason they have both pay scales and pay secrecy laws. It's fuckery all the way down.
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    @SortOfTested pay secrecy is BS.

    It should not be "nogo" for asking. (In my company everyone knows how much everyone is paied for example and we don't have HR at all)
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    It's not legal here, but the same dickheads who think they have to accept scale pay are the same who rat your out for not adhering to it and then HR can start the process of punishing you for knowing your rights.
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    @SortOfTested The dev world is still a “far west”.

    But I would encourage everyone to stand your ground and do not accept “pay scale” or BS like this as an excuse.
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    Legit. Here, we need to help India understand their negotiation power. They take low pay enough in the US out of fear that it drives down our entire industry.
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    I'm kinda impressed he manages to get hired being that far out of his depth.

    On the other hand he sounds like a terrible person.
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    Yeah I've worked with the guys trying to quickly jump into management, doing everything they can to not do work that exposes their incompetence.

    I almost quit a job because of one, until a fateful weekend where he was the only technical person who could work an issue, so he had to work it and he turned a simple problem onto a disaster.

    Later durring some "wtf happened meetings". He also may have used a couple made up technical terms that someone may have mentioned to him might explain his decisions... ;)

    Never saw him again after that.
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    And then there is me:
    Interviewer: I see you went to university, why don't you have a degree?
    Me: I was young, stupid and wasted two years getting drunk and playing World of Warcraft. 🤷‍♂️
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    I lied on my CV a lot to get my first dev job because my previous experience was playing against what I wanted. I mean I did learn super fast and had genuine interest in programming though.. so lying on your CV is not always that bad.

    Your friend is making terrible choices that are gonna bite him in his ass soon. Guess you've done your part and need to tell him you won't be helping him anymore with solving problems at work 🤷 I would, anyway
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    I don't think that it's good, he can lie in the cv but what he will do in the real life?
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    @SortOfTested its a rat race here We are culturally grown to adjust in this race and start running as soon as our legs grow. The tradition of negotiation and winning through bulk is the running into veins of some people.

    The children of "seth ji's(wealthy miser)" who used to negotiate with street hawkers to give them free coriander alongside a quarter of lemons are now managers negotiating with devs regarding salary.

    The children of hawkers who sold their lemons for less in order to sell more quantity(and therefore net profit) are now devs trying to grab lesser paying offers to get work

    The children of those same seths who used to threaten hawkers to move onto next hawker if they don't get more for less are now managers threatening job seekers to move onto next application of they don't get more for less.

    The generation maybe different,but mentality is being transferred.
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