I've been wanting to reply "Hail Hydra" 😂

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    Do it ! :D
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    I love the "talent" software part!
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    Hail HydRa!
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    Please do it 😂
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    I did it!!! 😂😂😂
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    Can you tell me where I might find the hydra? Is he wearing a familiar face?

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    Have you had a reply yet?
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    Haha, not yet, but I'll post it right here in the comment if I get one 👍
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    That person spelled it Hydra then HydRa then hydra. How can they be so inconsistent with the name of the company they work for???
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    Where I work, we have a Windows server running a bunch of HyperV VMs. We called it Hudra.
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    @drdb I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice that. If you can't consistently stylize your own company's name, it looks really unprofessional. My metal spam filters go haywire.
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    @drdb *meant to say Hydra not Hudra
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    @zourtney I especially hate it when a company rebranded but takes years to update their branding everywhere. Even Google still has parts that still use their old logo. Seriously, how hard is it to just redirect old to new? I recently changed my logo so I just redirected my old logo to a new one, so all my email signatures maintain up-to-date branding.
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    @drdb Nice, and I totally agree. I was with a company that went through a buyout / merger. As something with limited influence, it was painful to watch the lackadaisical branding rollout.
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