Mom: why haven't you been doing your computer science homework at home ?
Me : because you won't let me have a computer and I can't run the software I need on my school iPad
Mom: bull shit you can run it that iPad can do anything that you can do on a computer
Me : no you can't that's not even...*mom cuts me off*
Mom : don't talk back to me you just don't wanna do your homework
Mom: all computers are the same they just have different names
Me : that's not even true in the slightest... *gets cut off again*
Mom: shut up and do your damn homework
Me: ๐Ÿ˜

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    "mom? could you please install me that software on my ipad?" *hands mom a dvd disc and the ipad*
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    I'm curious what other people in your household say.
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    that is so relatable. My mom always used to take away my mouse and keyboard, so i couldn't play games on my computer (which was weird because i wasn't playing that much, and instead tried to learn stuff and actually do my homework).

    I couldn't even really solve it, after i propagated it to the school management, and they literally called my mom to stop doing that. She actually stopped doing that, when i started 11. class. After a lot of fricking discussions about that shit. (it still didn't end there, but that's another story i guess).

    Fun fact is that she first only took away my mouse, but later found out, that it doesn't really matter if the computer has one or not, if you know your way around with the keyboard.
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    My dad was a evil control freak. He had a computer buildt with front slide in swapable harddrives.
    And if i wanted to use the computer i had to ask and he would decide if he would lock up the frickin SAFE and hand me my harddrive.
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    @heyheni that's also hard.. why do parents think, that doing stuff like that is a good idea?

    to expand on my story, when i finally ditched my old desktop and bought my first laptop, my mom thought: "well shit, now we can't take away his keyboard and mouse because it's builtin", so they decided to take away my laptop (no matter if it was running or not) so when it was stowed away somewhere, the battery usually ran low, and all the stuff, that wasn't saved got lost.

    I always had to sneak around the house and get my laptop back without my parents noticing. After they figured out, that it doesn't work to take away my shit, they decided to just cut off power + internet. And all that had been going on until i decided to leave my parents and move somewhere else. That was the best decision in my life.

    Another funfact: all the hardware was my own (i purchased it with my cash). So neither of my parents had the business to take it away. But you know.. that happened
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    @thebiochemic well so fare in my experience I have found wether you by it or not if you are a minor your parents have a right to do whatever they want with it
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    @butwhytho sadly that is true.

    When i left, i was 19 years old, so you can imagine, that this wasn't necessarily the case all the time in my situation though.

    Later i found out, that my mom did that to me, because she needed to offload her anger onto someone instead of talking about stuff. When i left, my parents divorced a year later because she had noone to fight with, and so my parents started arguing all the time about all kinds if nonsense. Now she lives across the country with some other guy and always asks me to lend her money, because she has financial problems all the time.

    I really don't hate anyone, but i think sometimes it's just karma. If i didn't fight back back, then i'd probably never had worked in the IT industry and instead would be janitor or some shit. Still remember that sentence my dad told me that all that computer stuff is just a waste of time.
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    @thebiochemic yea my parents tell me that too !
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    Never had that exact kind of problem but it should be common knowledge these days that an apple device can't run, like, fucking windows binaries.
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    @Ranchonyx well mate my parents are 56 and 54 last time my dad touched a pc windows 98 was at the top of the OS chain and my mom has never really been supportive of anything I've done like when I first started school and got my first A+ I showed her the paper and she wen "hmmpf" and threw it down on the table
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    I know also of a household where the parents put the wifi router inside their room. Then turn it off before they sleep. This is so the children won't be tempted to overuse their gadgets.

    @thebiochemic @butwhytho I read your comment about your parents and I may not do hugs in the physical world...but well this is the internet what the heck ๐Ÿค—. I hope there are better days.
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    @butwhytho parents can be weird, and sometimes have questionable approaches๐Ÿค”

    Funny thing was, that i helped my parents setup all the infrastructure for their store (after they decided to open their own; guess what, it didn't last very long). Have installed the software for the cash register devices and even whipped up an application for managing expiration dates of products in a few days. Seems like they needed that computer shit after all. All that was after i left home.

    @iamai thank you โ˜บ๏ธ
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
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    @thebiochemic thankyou for sharing your experience. Virtual hugs from my side too.

    Mind telling how was the life living solo when you first got out of home?
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    {{{ virtual hugs }}} to any one with crappy parents or is having a rough time/life or whatever.
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    @2Large thank you too โ˜บ๏ธ

    Yeah sure.
    So the situation was the following, when i still lived at home one of my colleagues at University has always done homework with me, we discussed stuff and compared our strategies to solve stuff (over VoIP that is). and he also noticed, that i sometimes go offline without reason. After i told him why, he immediately offered me a room at his flat. And despite him being 6 years older than me, we came along pretty good.

    Of course my parents weren't happy, that i left and now my mom started to offload her anger onto my younger brother, who completely left the county a year after me (also because he got paid way better somewhere else. He is also younger than me, so he always was the one, my parents were cautious about).
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    My mom tried to convince me to stay at home, and said she will try to leave me alone (that will never happen, as we saw with my younger brother). And later also called me all the time, while arguing with me about why i don't pick up the phone immediately and shit like that.

    The paperwork was streightforward, i needed to update my Address, and now take care of the paperwork for health care myself, but nothing too special.

    Fast forward a few years. I visit my brother sometimes, but very rarely my mom or dad.
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    it can be funny, but actually it is sad
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