I’m so frustrated and I don’t know whether to blame my 2015 Mac, Audacity, both, or my present inability to be able to afford a new Mac because EVERYTHING/EVERYONE IN MY HOUSE IS BREAKING, NEEDS THERAPY OR BRACES, AND LIFE IS NOTHING BUT EXPENSES!

I had just finished tediously transferring, restoring, and trying to export tracks from some old cassette I had of a jazz concert I played in years ago. Audacity froze because my Mac is now apparently underpowered at 8GB of RAM. But Audacity autosaves and on restart usually can restore you back to where you left off. So I tried to force quit it.

I couldn’t even force quit the stupid app and had to totally restart. I think that ruined whatever autosave I had because it could only restore half of the work I’d done. Another freeze finished off the Audacity project, making it TOTALLY BLANK AND WORTHLESS. I just deleted the whole damned thing and will have to start over. I WAS MINUTES AWAY FROM BEING DONE AFTER HOURS OF WORK!!!!!

Now the Mac wants to update to a supplemental release. With each release this expensive boat anchor gets slower and slower.

I just wanna throw all tech out the window. Every damned thing is planned obsolescence in 2 years and made in China anymore and I HATE giving that totalitarian regime any more of my money. Apple is complicit. ALL computer companies are. They could just bring the jobs back here and walk the walk, but they’re all talk.

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    I feel you, I hate being in a situation where I have to upgrade. Mostly because it means my planning failed. At the risk of being the curmudgeon, 2015 was almost 6 years ago. 16gb was fairly standard back then even if it was the ceiling for macs.

    It sounds more like a swap problem. Not sure how much free space you have, but it should push bits out of ram and into the swapfile when you're nearing 100% and that should mitigate freezing as long as your drives aren't close to full.

    If your storage is degraded for whatever reason, you may consider getting some external TB drives and remapping the swap assignment. It's messy and potentially fragile, but could save you buying new shit.
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    @SortOfTested might be onto something, or at least it's worth checking.

    By the way, have you considered renting a lil' VPS for a few hours to do your work? Some even offers rendering machine, so I don't see why not.
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    @SortOfTested I suppose I should look into that. I use the Mac for light work and occasional gaming. Mostly for writing. I had no idea Audacity would be such a dog on it, though. I did take the Mac in to the Genius Bar a while back to show them how poorly it was performing. They didn't offer much in the way of help.
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    @Jilano If the work I'm doing on this thing were able to generate income, I might consider using a VPS for that. But I can see that being an even further drain on my income.
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