Found a gray hair and plucked it. 😢 I'm too young for this shit. Whyyyyy oh god whyyyyy.

Linux 5.8 has been breaking my shit. Like, keyboard and track pad stop working. Apparently, a fn key is to blame. Fixed it for now, but can Linux kernel fuck off? I can't have my system break so often. This is the third time I'm reverting or man handling the shit in the last two months.

I need a good expensive fucking vacation. 😢 And a dedicated eye candy (gender doesn't apply) to keep in my line of sight. Maybe then I can recover.

The last 7 days were an emotional rollercoaster. Specifically, from work perspective. I need many hugs. Like, real hugs. Also need good food. 😢

Overall, I shouldn't be stressed but shit is not going great. 😭😭😭

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    I'm kinda curious as to your issues with 5.8, I never experienced a single breakage with any recent kernel version of that type at least in the 2 years since I switched to Linux 😅😅😅
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    Note to self : stop debugging other people's problems, and stop emotionally investing, you moron. Do yoga. And relax a little. I'm losing hair as is, don't need the leftover few to be all white... And to think that I just bought you that expensive hair mask... 😠

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    @chilledfrogs idk, mine has had issues. Once it fucked the wifi connections and now it is fucking the keyboard and mouse. I know this recent issue targets asus mainly, btw. Saw a few posts on arch forums about it.
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    @NoMad I see, indeed, I have a Dell so never really had any significant hardware issues 😅😅

    Thought that Asus was *good*, not excellent, as far as Linux support goes 🤔
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    @chilledfrogs Linux support is shit, specially if it's for arch. Like, god bless the forums or I'd be fucked. Even tho in reality it runs way smoother on asus than on dell. Even acer does a good job if you can get past the driver issues.
    Point is, linux community seriously needs to give a shit about other brands too.
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    I started blaming weather.
    Fucking Autumn depression.
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    Also, why the fuck is it that whenever I call my mother she's unaccessible? Like, who am I supposed to go to, crying and all depressed?
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    @NoMad I see, good to know 😅 I was on Arch up until very recently, switched to Void and am quite happy with it... Now idk which models were you comparing in particular concerning smoothness on Asus and Dell machines, but in any case mine runs smoothly in my view I guess 😅😅

    Indeed Linux should care about all vendors, but I'd say that there's only so much the community can do without the concerned vendors' input, and seems not all of them want to contribute equally :/
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    @chilledfrogs that, I agree. But you can't force people. Like I'm probably one of the very few from this brand that's on Linux. So idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    If you can't tolerate occasional breakage, don't use a bleeding edge distro.
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    @Fast-Nop problem is that it's not occasional if it happens too often. It didn't use to do this back two years ago. 😢
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    @NoMad "Too often" is subjective. And the "bleeding" in "bleeding edge" is part of the parcel, and people like it.

    I'm on 5.4 because I wouldn't like that.
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    Could be worse. You could have just leaked a load of your friends' private data on Github. Just to pick something completely at random, and not at all related to any recent rants.
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    @chilledfrogs Every time I upgrade the kernel something is messed up (boot, 3rd party kernel modules, wifi/bluetooth/sound). always take the before last major update does the trick (eg. 5.7.max if latest is 5.8.x)
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    @webketje Odd and rather inconvenient indeed 😅 what hardware?
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    *laughs in 4.19 stable*
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    I'm here for 3. I'm a dedicated pimp in the tropics. We'll get you eye candies.
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    OK. I'm gonna say it: Grey hair is attractive...

    Stay strong :)
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    I think a few strands of gray in black is actually nice.
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    @rutee07 is it too late for me to become a prostitute? 😢
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    @NoMad It's never too late. There's a market for all of us.
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    How not to get driver issues with Linux:
    1. Buy an Intel CPU from several years ago that can't possibly have any unsupported features. (Heaven forbid you try to read the temperature of an AMD CPU lol)
    2. Clearly you mustn't use Realtek LAN it's just "bad"
    3. Also don't expect a graphics driver, that's Nvidia's fault. Even if it's an AMD GPU? Still Nvidia's fault.
    4. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth
    5. Use only the most boring USB keyboards and mice
    6. Discover these are totally surmountable problems if you use Arch Linux
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    @chilledfrogs intel core i7, UHD 620, wireless, realtek ethernet / card reader, fingerprint sensor, Clevo keyboard
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