I don't get why certain people always complain about the OS they have to use at work... I get, that as a person who really uses aspects of the OS like a sysadmin or something like that, has valid points... but no... as a projectmanager or productmanager, whos tools are all browserbased... "in Windows I know where all the things are..." is not a valid excuse to hate on the OS...

What do you want to do? Change system settings everyday? Use PowerShell to create your Jira tickets?

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    Are they forced to use a *nix system?

    Btw I'd complain the shit out of it if I had to use windows
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    @alexbrooklyn We're using Macs because the company that provides us with the hardware had a contract with Apple (now with MS, they switched to Surfacebooks already). But seriously... the only thing they need in theory is the fucking browser...
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    @alexbrooklyn I would also complain about using Windows
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    Yeah, I'm not payed to play games unfortunately. So no windows for me too...
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    Devs think that complaining about having to use Windows makes them look like real devs, and PMs are just as insecure, only the other way around.
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    They're all just tools.

    I have preferences, buy honestly most of my frustrations are because I didn't know something.
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    In my case it'd be a principle thing 😅
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    I don't really get it either. Sometimes I code on Windows, sometimes macOs, and if I had to I'd do it on some Linux distro too. It's really not a big deal unless whatever you're coding requires a specific setup.
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