What do you think about the following statement:

You can be a developer in two months.

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    You can, not a good one though
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    With the same logic: You can be a painter in under ten minutes.
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    Is that a promotion, or a fullstack developer for dummies?

    This sentence could be used for both.
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    You can make a thing probably....

    So I guess, sure.

    All job titles end up meaningless, they never tell you how good someone is at something.
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    I have a friend who googelt a fully free Vue website, changed colors, put his name on it and used this a portfolio for his skills. He is now working for over a year in a job with zero skills (at the beginning) and now earns good money.

    So yes ... it is possible :D
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    @Tr33 but he is not a developer.
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    Absolutely 100% correct.

    Developping RSI can be done in a single week.
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    @iiii well it is his job title and actually his job. He develops small websites and he got actually good skills now.
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    @Tr33 but he did not become a developer in two months but in a bit more time.
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    You can be a developer in thirty seconds.

    But you are a worthless developer.

    Your worth depends on your skills. Multiply your speed of learning by the amount of time you dedicate to programming to calculate how good of a developer you are.
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    I became a surgeon the moment I bought an hobby knife.

    I'm still learning the brain surgery part, but I'm doing OK when it comes to euthanasia. I'm also pretty good at finger amputations — the trick is having enough gauze to stop that red stuff from leaking out.
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    Try "You can start a new career as a developer in two months"

    Nobody is good at anything they've only been doing for 2 months. But lots of jobs take longer to get your feet in the door / get started really learning and building than 2 months.
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    If you're in old school film-photography 2 months seem like a lot
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