To that person who came here to weep about how his employees don’t want to work on weekends and how he’s gonna force them to and deleted his rant that was downvoted to oblivion:

Please re-evaluate your mindset. Today it’s just downvotes, tomorrow it’s your entire staff quitting and pressing charges.

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    Seeing past your own nose is often a challenge for humans... even when it costs them something.

    Seen plenty of tech company bros who play the asshole role as if it's a path to success. By no means is it limited to tech, but there's a pronounced type of that person IN tech.
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    Got a screenshot maybe?
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    @sladuled there is no need to put ANY person under public shaming. I’m not a vigilante. My rant is addressed to him only. If he realizes his mistake that would be an epic win. If he doesn’t he’ll make himself the shortest possible path to broken kneecaps and collective lawsuits.
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    @Jilano was that you complaining about your minions again?
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    Oh I saw that...he put a smiley face after saying he has to make the person work on the weekend because the employee couldn't have an update something (couldn't remember the exact words) about the task is not yet complete or was that nothing to show after a whole day's work yesterday. Too many missing information to simply judge a person not finishing a task. But a smiley face because you can order a person to work on a weekend on a place where people rant because they are overworked and have insensitive bosses, what was he thinking 🤔
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    Indiabro posts a rant bragging about being #AbusiveSahibOfficial, placing his team's failure on the people under him when it was his lack of leadership the entire time

    Rants called him on his bullshit and he cried like a little bitch, then deleted his post so no one would see his shame.
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    Ask navneeth 🤷‍♀️

    Edit: whoever downvoted the question, I don't think that was intended to be hostile
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    @F1973 work culture is crap in general in india and there are a ton of us, what do you expect
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    Managers complaining about their employees is a huge red flag. Your WHOLE JOB is to increase productivity from your employees. Complaining that they aren't productive is just you telling me that you aren't a good manager.
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    Not inaccurate.

    It's also not always an indian. I routinely lay into incompetent old white men and shit heels of every ethnicity and gender. Where I'm at, the power structure is consolidated into old white men, and middle aged Indian men, so that kind of biases the windmills I can tilt at.

    But I can play ball for the sake of diversity insulting. My historic targets have also been:

    Fuck gini rommetty
    Fuck Larry Ellison
    Fuck Steve ballmer
    Fuck Marc Bernioff
    Fuck Tim Cook
    Fuck Dara Khosrowshahi
    Fuck Zuckerberg
    Fuck Branson
    Fuck Buffett
    Fuck Dimon
    Fuck Cramer
    Fuck Holmes
    Fuck schwarzman
    Fuck Thiel
    Fuck McAfee
    Fuck Sweeney
    Fuck Bain (less so romney)
    Fuck anyone I missed
    Fuck their mothers
    Fuck the horses they rode in on

    And Zen. 🕉️
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    @SortOfTested agreed (though I did enjoy Thiel's book)
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    @uyouthe Chill dude, who said I wanted to know the ranters username? They already made a public post and most/some people here saw it and even know the username.. I just wanted to know what the fuck was so controversial that it got downoted to oblivion, with their wording, not just the he said she said.. No need to 'know the who wrote that' on my part, just wanted to see the whole picture (as in story) + if there could've been a poor wording on their part, since I know a lot of people that struggle with this.

    Besides, I think a lot of you don't realise that monday-friday/sunday-thursday and mostly flexible hours are a priviledge for our jobs, others like EMTs, doctors, police, firefighters, even shop clercs etc. don't have that option.

    So occassional weekend work is not something that should automatically be bashed into oblivion imho.
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    @netikras Yeah, they're constantly fighting and yelling "banana" and "papple"...
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    @sladuled SortOfTested described it perfectly. Their comment is above. There wasn’t the flexible hours situation, there was him telling everyone here how he’s going to “force” someone to work on weekends, oh and of course a smiley face at the end of his “rant”.
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    @uyouthe Shit, missed it on first read.. :/ tnx!
    Anyhow, I didn't wanna be a bitch about it, I just want to know all sides before judging people.. But yeah, based on all the comments, he looks like a legit douche indeed.
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    @sladuled I never said or assumed that you’re bitching about something, that you want to know his username or you want to shame him. I’m also pretty chill.
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    I kinda wish to read that. Are you sure it was deleted and not just cencored by downvoting? Do you remember the op's name so you can go check from their profile if the rant still exists?
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    I try to keep my work spread out to 2 - 3 major clients and a few smaller ones.

    Mostly so I can tell any one of them to “get fucked” any time I want.
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