Why the fuck should I pay for SSL and email after buying a domain?

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    For people who don't know letsencrypt exists
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    @alexbrooklyn Or for people who want to use another CA.
    Or an extended validation cert. Or many other reasons.
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    SSL: up to you. Not all types of certs are free and for a reason.
    Email: you're saying you can host/manage an email server for free?
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    SSL is dead. Deeeeaaaaddddd.

    And the reason why...

    Dude. Take a look at the news.

    It's currently not exactly sunshine and "it's raining men" from the weather girls feeling out there.

    Sooner or later, TLS will be mandatory by certain APIs / Providers / ISPs .

    Simply because the world is a fucked up place - and without TLS noone would want to offer a contract for a domain in a world wide web.
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    I don't know... maybe because they are different services?
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    I don't know who sold you a domain and made you think you should get an email and a SSL cert with that. Whoever it is, is a good seller
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    @JhonDoe this sounds like a GoDaddy endeavour.
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    Because you feel it should be included in the price? Or because you really don't know why you should buy SSL?
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    You don't need to buy one IF you think you don't need it
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    Though irrelevant, you can't "buy" a domain, you can rent it.
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