Copy editors are essential. This is what happens when you lay them off.

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    I'm so bad at that.

    My customers all look for this stuff by default at this point ;)

    I do my best but man ... I do it all the time... to.
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    @N00bPancakes Pro tip: try to expand the contraction - if it still makes sense, then it's fine; if it doesn't, then it's not the word you're looking for.
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    Ah Newegg. Why are you the only realistic not Amazon option?
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    @kamen To be fair, “its” is an exception as it’s the only possessive without an apostrophe.
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    English strikes again!
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    – autocorrected haha
    – we’re talking in person...
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    I considered making this a rant but now I can just toss it here.

    Oof. It's the type of error that makes your documentation look like an angry halo player.
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    Whenever I work with the cloud, it's for a while.
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    @Root What about "his", "hers", "ours" and so on? No apostrophe whatsoever.
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    @kamen Aha! You are correct. I didn’t even think about those, and they follow the same possessive pronoun pattern, too. Props to you!
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