Be me:
> turns on laptop
> enter funky town password
> presses enter
> expects wallpaper to show

Be windows:
> fuck you mother fucker!
> surprise asshole
> I magically updated on you without warning

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    wtf, this update needs updates?
    Cumulative updates for Windows 10 Version 2004

    Microsoft, get your shit together already.
    W10 isn't a new fucking piece of OS.

    See you all next month for the next surprise attack.
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    They should add self destruct option for GDPR compliance.
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    ++ for funky town 😛
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    Welcome to my world..

    From my notes a few days ago..


    Now the odd thing is, one PC here, had that already turned off, and it still appeared..

    The other it was on, and obviously it appeared. :-)

    Though I do try and keep both machines mirrored in their settings.

    So, will it come back again..
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    Also, Skype now automatically runs since a recent update too. :-)

    So for that..


    Since logging into Skype and choosing in settings (Do not start with windows.) doesn't actually work..
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    @Root 🎶 why don't you take me to Funky Town! 🎶
    🤦‍♂️I'm going to have that stuck in my head today.

    @Nanos Skype? I hope that didn't reinstall it's self 😟 I've never been a fan of it.
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    Plus the latest update had a fucking slideshow for the "NeW mIcrO$0ft eDge bRoWseR" that you couldnt skip!
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    Any reason not to run Linux? I walked away from Windows to go to Mac, Macs started becoming less worth the price and lacks innovation, switched to Linux and have been really happy with it.
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    @noonesboy one doesn't have a gaming laptop and shove *nix on it + Nvidia drivers / support is still useless.

    I don't use this thing for a lot dev work, and I know my way around windows to get dev environments setup if needed despite its ever growing efforts to make that cumbersome, but what ever.

    The price you pay to do what you want 🤷‍♂️

    One day I might get to *nix as a DE, but it's still got a long way to go to satisfy me.
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    @C0D4 @C0D4 I hear you. I use Ubuntu, I toy around with more technical distributions when it’s not my dev rig- Ubuntu just works out of the box and is super stable. I’ve got an NVIDIA card in my laptop and they integrated Linux drivers in the installer.

    Frankly- the biggest hurdle for gamers right now is the selection of games. It’s very good through Steam but I’m way too much of a casual gamer to have a recommendation worth listening to haha.

    As for a dev environment you might be surprised with how clean and performing Ubuntu 20.04 is. I didn’t have to give anything up. Wouldn’t nuke a computer to try it but give it a shot in a VM sometime.

    Best of luck with dat windows.
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    > the "NeW mIcrO$0ft eDge bRoWseR"

    I installed that and it still breaks my image viewer. :-(

    Also, it isn't as reliable as the old MS Edge..

    I first typed SM Edge instead. :-)


    When playing games, Tinder doesn't work via it !

    Just use another browser you say..

    I would, but, no other browser can I set my GPS location in to what I want !
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    Check it out, I'm pretty sure it will be there !

    Related links:



    I thought I had managed to stop it previously, but then, by magic it shows up !

    The only good bit of Skype I like is the text messaging and history function, the rest, not so much a fan of.

    Handy for checking dates out in advance, since it tends to work on most systems, whilst lots of other video to video systems don't..

    ( I guess many folk are moving to Zoom now.. )
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    > Funkytown- Lipps Inc (original)

    Though its too slow for me..

    I prefer to run it through something like this addon for winamp, with a 1/3 speed up at least.


    If you are feeling hyper, you can even run things at 100% speed up. :-)
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    Either break the updater or update more often. Either way, solutions exist, please use them or shut the fuck up?
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    @C0D4 Proton fixes 80% of Steam games and most non-Steam games too, and you did make a shit decision going with an Nvidia GPU, so that waste of a laptop is kind of on you, yes.
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