Hey Google, maybe I'd subscribe to YouTube Premium if you weren't throwing midroll ads into my tutorials every 3:45.

It's stupid, because they're trying so hard to annoy me into subscribing that they've done the opposite and annoyed me into NOT subscribing. I'd have considered it before, but ever since their recent changes it's so frickin' annoying that I refuse to subscribe just on principle because I won't financially support those pieces of trash anymore than absolutely necessary.

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    @Stuxnet It's the YouTube app.
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    Well it's basically perverse incentive
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    @NoMad Not familiar. Is it on iOS?
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    @MySlugLikesSalt errrr. Idk tbh.
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    They give you value. I think it makes sense to give back in return. I'd rather pay them and block all their trackers and ads.
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    @MySlugLikesSalt get android and NewPipe or Vanced

    I won't reward bad experience either.
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    1) Download Firefox mobile
    2) Install adblock extension
    3) add link to m.youtube.com to start screen.
    4) Enjoy

    (works a charm on Android)
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    I'd buy Youtube Premium if they had an option which didn't also include Youtube Music. I don't care for it. Would rather they don't bundle it in, but instead as it stands I would have to pay extra for something I don't want.
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    @RememberMe to me the issue is that everything was already there 10 years ago, for free (before Youtube was bought by Google) and gradually Google began injecting more and more ads to the point we're at now and you get 20min videos cut with 4x2 15 second ads, which is.. really.. abused..
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    @webketje but YouTube also grew in value over ten years, there's just so much more content that's relevant to me. And don't forget the infrastructure costs of running something like that over time along with the increase in quality.

    I would've been uncomfortable with the original YouTube's absolutely free model too, they're a business they're not doing it for charity so clearly it was for market capture.

    Nah, I'll stick to what I said.

    @justamuslimguy I suspect the overhead of running YT Premium is much higher than YT music and all that stuff is in YT anyways, so it's just another interface to the same content. You're not really paying for something extra.
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    @RememberMe forcing out all competition by buying them and then only offer paid content (be it through subscription or shoving tons of ads down free users' throats) while Google obviously already monetizes your data in tons of other ways.. ok show 1 max 2 ads per video but don't abuse it like now.

    There are way less obtrusive ways to make money off free users, look at FB, TikTok, Soundcloud, etc etc. The only way I'd consider a YT sub is if they had a "minimum pkg" just disabling ads for 2$/mo.
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    @RememberMe I'm sure the overhead is more than for the music streaming, but right now YouTube Premium costs more than Netflix per month (and more than a few other streaming sites). And if they offered an option to have one or the other (or both for slightly less than each separately) I bet it would be cheaper to just have the video streaming.

    I think the real issue is that YouTube Premium can be basically utilized the same as YouTube Music. You can make a playlist of music videos, listen to the music just like spotify. Download for offline usage, etc. I think that's the issue.
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    I use the mobile website. One ad at the start, sometimes one ad at the end. No "buy premium" pop ups and you can refresh the video to skip an ad immediately
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    @F1973 because I definitely didn't? The op takes part in apple cult anyway.
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    @electrineer eh? Using an iPhone and still hating Apple is "taking part in the Apple cult" now?
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    @RememberMe I wouldn't say they give me $12/mo. worth of value, though. If it wasn't so darn expensive I'd consider it, and if they didn't try so hard to make me buy it, I'd consider it. They put the price higher than Netflix, as someone else mentioned, and then keep throwing in more and more ads to try to force me onto Premium, to the point that it starts to appear kinda pathetic.
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