I was expecting a 4th interview this afternoon for a position as a fullstack elixir developer.

Got a response from the CTO.
'Even if you pass all the tests with success, we could not go further because you're a junior and we're looking for a senior'

Well, dude, you've seen me 3 times and didn't understand that I was a junior ? My CV is not enough explicit ? It's written at the top of it...

So after a motivation interview, technical test, technical interview and Phoenix framework interview, they only realized yet the plot.

Good luck for your seniors to pass their knowledge to other seniors.

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    That's how your reply should be
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    @asgs I definitely should have replied this... but I don't ;(
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    Isn’t passing all the tests supposed to mean that you’re suitable no matter the title?
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    Send them a bill for the first three rounds of time-wasting. 150€ / hour would be appropriate.
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    @saucyatom That should be the norm in fact. The last interview lasted 2 hours. Those dudes thinks we all got nothing else to do.
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    @uyouthe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    There's something else going on. Something for which they cannot make on-the-record comments. Possibly a personality conflict, or the requirement maybe got closed because of some kind of bungling by the hiring manager. There are a thousand reasons, but I would bet a lot of money that the real reason is embarrassing for someone.
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    @bahua that's what I was wondering.

    The fact their email was really nice, they explained they were looking for a senior rather than a junior.

    Which I can definitely understand, the issue is with the process.

    Why going so far in it to just drop it.

    And if it was something related to me, I'd prefer them to be honest and tell me what's going on.

    Seems it's not the case so it will be secret forever \o/
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    I meant to say, "embarrassing for someone, but probably not you."
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    Fuck. I hate this. I hate having my time wasted and I hate wasting other people's time. Did they tell you how many more interviews you have to go through in the first one? I have never gotten through more than two interviews in one company. Usually, it's some chit-chat with the recruiter which barely counts, the client, and the manager. I had one day processes and those were the best.

    Give them an amazing review on Glassdoor or something.
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    Something similar did happen to me many times, when it's clearly mentioned in the resume. So not sure what happens or they just come up with a lame excuse
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    Please explain to me why they cannot hire you as a senior? Is there some kind of criteria for when you magically graduate from junior to senior? I see these terms passed around a lot, but don't understand the context.

    Years ago I went from engineer to senior engineer at my company, but no explanation of what that meant other than more money.
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    Juniors have lower salary, just cause they are being called Juniors.
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    worst job interview ever
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    It just could be that they'll have you in records for some future position. They might be looking for a senior for a reason. They might need someone to set standards and filter out the weeds.
    There might be 1000 reasons. Keep on going, know what you aim for and you will get it eventually. Never settle for less as time flies by fast.
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    Never put word 'junior' on your resume, if you are qualified and pass the tests, nobody will doubt you.

    Having word junior in the CV just gives them leverage to do the shenanigans they just pulled on you!
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    @devJs that's a fair point. I just do want to be as transparent as possible.
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    @Maartz naw. These company’s are never as transparent as possible with you. It’s a two way street. Just put the unqualified term if you want.

    Software developer


    Software engineer

    Never junior, associate, or any of that. Senior is ok but sometimes they think you want too much money then and pass over you for that reason when really their compensation would have been fine.
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    IMHO or they are incompetent or not transparent.

    Could you share the company name?

    I'm asking to add it to my personal list of shame. 😈
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