Downsides of working from home: No team, communication is just horrible, endless calls that move nowhere

Upsides of working from home: Whiskey

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    My experience: I'm alone at home. Almost no communication except an online scrum standup once in two days. Me working on something on my own without asking almost anything.

    Upside: can watch porn in the middle of a day. 🤷‍‍♂️
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    @Root thought this was you for a second lmao
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    The biggest adjustment for me is that I don't have access to all the great lunch options available at my downtown office. But the work itself is basically identical, as our team is already spread across three time zones in the US and two offices in India. Even when there's no pandemic, it's already a remote job, even when I commute to the office.
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    Downsides of working from home: you’re alone, there is no team around, there are no managers
    Upsides: you’re alone, there is no team around, there are no managers
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    whiskey mentioned and it's not @root? umm.. This is awkward
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    @F1973 what holds you back from browsing all those during meetings at the office?
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    @uyouthe how is not having a manager a downside?
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    @netikras It’s usually rum for me. But whiskey is nice too.
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    @netikras there's plenty of us alcoholics in this community lmao
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    @Root you beat me to it. Root is a rum girl (just like mine, so easy to remember)
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    Upside: Afternoon naps 😁
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    Upside: I can have a rave party of one while listening to psytrance whole working.
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