Okay, which one of you goofballs made IIS?

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    Why are you so afraid of register? The worst thing I can happen is for your computer not to boot up (being sarcastic)
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    Oh hell no 😅
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    Not _only_ through regedit. Your forgot those beautiful web.config files! /s
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    I'm one to point fingers, but it was @C0D4. 100% sure of it.
    IIS is as hard to navigate as Coddy's mind.
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    @sbiewald don't forget machine.config files, they iz my favourite.. -.-
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    I was drunk, high, and in a state of mind that created the shit show your now playing with!
    Welcome to @C0D4's delusional mind/
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    @N00bPancakes on those that use it 👀

    It's one thing to make it, it's another to torture yourself by choice.
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    Not me... it'd be free and open-source if I did...

    (and probably run on Linux)
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    This is now my IIS thread or I'd just spam the rant feed and oh my god how is this a thing? I've never seen a better example of how a gui just makes it more cryptic. Even the official docs are mostly screenshots of where to find this button - not what it does.

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