So, like always, my Windows 10 machine went into an update today, wasted an hour or so, and now my system crawls.
Microsoft (MajorDaft) do know very well how to screw things up.

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    Configure update service. You're a developer and not a regular lemming.
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    I agree, sadly, my employer's policies won't let me do that.. The most I can do it rant!
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    Windows rocks. Fuck you.
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    @Cyanide : Well, if you settle for windows, then thats okay. (Not assuming you haven't had a chance to use Linux)
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    @WedaPashi You are a good person.
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    @WedaPashi that's a pity they configure it in such an asshole way...

    But there's a way to mitigate it: check for updates every evening and apply them as soon as they arrive. There's almost always some time between updates so you will have no interruptions if you apply current ones when it is more comfortable
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    @iiii : Oh, thanks for the advice! I'm gonna try that.
    Anyways, on most of the days hereon I'll be booting into Ubuntu unless I am documenting something. Almost done migrating my platform-specific toolchains for Ubuntu..
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    @Cyanide : Haha, I'll take the compliment. Anyways I think its better to be the good guy than being a jerk :D
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