> Manager: Why does service X behaves Y way? It should do Z instead.
> Me: *explains why*
> Manager: I don't understand this...
> Me: *explains it in more simple terms and shorter sentences*
> Manager: I'm still not sure I get it.
> Me: It is like this because of a third party provider and we can't change anything for the same reason. Also it is working like this for half a decade now.
> Manager: Ok, I get it. So please fix the service, it should do Z instead of Y.
> Me: *facepalm* Sorry, I can't. Ask (frontend guy), maybe he can help you.
> Frontend guy a bit later: ┌П┐(ಠ_ಠ)

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    How dare you transfer your pleasure to frontend devs
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    @asgs It's just business, nothing personal. *insert Godfather screenshot here*
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    Great solution. 10/10
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    Sounds like a Dilbert comic!
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    @AlmondSauce sometimes it feels like one too
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    Don't say "impossible". Say "very expensive and time consuming", and ask them why they want it to do that. Stupid requests mostly come from a misunderstanding of the existing infra, and the original problem can usually be solved much easier in some other way.
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    If you say something is impossible they'll just assume you don't want to do it.
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    @Lor-inc pretty much what I told him when he got back to me today. He wasn't exactly happy about the answer and doesn't want to let it go so the next step is wasting the cto's time
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